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Removing an instance (SqlServerInstanceResource)

rmunson8rmunson8 Posts: 4 New member
For a clone instance initially created, but no longer is needed, I have removed all of the clones for that instance. I see commands to remove an entire clone machine, but I just want to remove a single instance from the machine, but leave the other instances. Because there are no longer any clones tied to that instance, it doesn't show in the SqlClone portal, but when I call Get-SqlCloneSqlServerInstance for the machine the instance is on, it is still listed there and I can't figure out how to remove it since it's no longer in use?


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    owen.hallowen.hall Posts: 57 Silver 4
    edited May 11, 2021 9:12AM
    SQL Clone agents currently always auto-detect any instances on their local machine, and there isn't any UI support at the moment for removing or unregistering instances that they've discovered.
    If the instance is actually uninstalled, there might be something quick that can be done - I'd suggest raising a ticket with support before going down that route, though.
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