Table insert order precedence setting?

mfc2mfc2mfc2mfc2 Posts: 17 Bronze 2
Is there a feature I am overlooking in DataCompare 7.1 that would allow me to set a table insert order precedence constraint? For example, when synchronizing the ASP.NET user accounts tables I would want inserts into aspnet_Users tables to happen before inserts into aspnet_Membership or I will get a foreign key error.


  • There is an option to "Disable Foreign Keys" before inserting the new data. This is not an ideal way but it will work if you can accept for the foreign keys relationships to be disabled for the duration of the modification to the data.
  • mfc2mfc2mfc2mfc2 Posts: 17 Bronze 2
    I was thinking that maybe I could add a WHERE clause to help, such as this:

    "userid in (select userid from aspnet_users)"

    But I don't think I can reference the destination table in the WHERE clause, so this won't work.
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