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edited May 5, 2021 6:02PM in SQL Dependency Viewer
I am diagramming some complex items.  I would love to be able to define grouping like hht data file generation and stick the views that generate the data in that zone.  Then, add a section for the hht dashboard update area.  Put the stored procs and views and such there.  Then when I do a reapply layout, it puts things only used by that zone inside a frame and comingled items outside.  Seeing how large sections interact with the zones can help a lot.

I know I can use color and I can manually move things.  But having a rectangle around things that are x grouping would help. 


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    Thank you for your suggestions and apologies that this isn't available at the moment!

    Though we don't have this in our roadmap for the near future, I've added a feature request for this with reference DT-759.

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