Ability to automatically apply changes on to DB and files that contain schema

We use Redgate schema compare and source control products to sync DB changes with git folder. This is very inconvenient since sometimes we update files and then deploy them to DB, and sometimes we update DB and then save changes to files. This is also a time-consuming process since Redgate tools have to scan and compare the entire schema.

I would like to be able to streamline this process as follows:
 - When I issue ALTER PROC, ALTER FUNCTION or ALTER VIEW command in ADS, these changes should also automatically save to GIT-versioned folder that is configured within ADS workspace that contains DB schema saved in files by SQL compare. I do not want to compare the entire DB schema; all I want is to update the file for the target object.
- When I update (save) a file that contains procedure, function or view definition, is should automatically attempt to issue ALTER PROC, ALTER FUNCTION or ALTER VIEW statements. I am not looking for automatically altering permissions or extended properties using this method since these are not the pain points. The actual SQL code sync is a pain point for us.

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