Feature Request: Log Saver (Complete) and Import File

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edited April 17, 2009 12:03PM in SQL Multi Script
Log Saver (Complete):

Right now I can save the output of each script; it would be really handy if the tool had option to save output of ALL the scripts in one big output file. Maybe like following:

SCRIPT Name: Script1.sql
SCRIPT Outcome: Successful
SCRIPT Output:
Script completed successfully(s).

Just because sometimes I have multiple scripts and I have to send results back to people asking for the release to let to know everything was good. Saving each result takes for ever; I do this right now so this tool doesn't make that part easier :(.

Import File:

A way for developer to provide the server/script list that can be easily imported into SQL Multi Script so we don't have to manually select Server/Database and all of the scripts.


  • Thanks for your feature request.

    We already have a similar request open and scheduled for a furture version. Your use case sounds sensible, so I've added it to the comments of the open reqest.

    Hopefully it will be considered the next time SQL Multi script is updated.

    For your refererence the feature tracking code is SE-557.

    Thanks again for taking the time to make the suggestion.
  • +1 for a nice feature to have

    It's funny, xSQL ScriptExecutor has 1 output log file
    and people probably request 1 per script there :P
    Jerry Hung
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