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Smart Assembly 8.0


The Release Notes for Smart Assembly 8.0 say "This version of SmartAssembly is considered a preview. Some .NET 5 and C# 9 features may not be fully implemented yet [...]".
Is the "preview" statement only valid for .NET 5 and C#9 or is it a general statement regarding Smart Assembly 8.0 even if we only use it to obfuscate .NET Framework 4.x assemblies?
Do you suggest to use the latest Smart Assembly 7.x version if we don't need .NET 5/C# 9 features?
Can we use our Smart Assembly 8.0 license to run Smart Assembly 7.x?

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    Victoria WVictoria W Posts: 359 Gold 2
    Hi @Michael_S

    The "preview" statement refers to .NET 5 and C#9 - SA 8 (and naturally every version below) does not fully support everything that came with .NET 5.
    .NET Framework should work the same as it was in 7.X.
    Even if you don't use .NET 5/C# 9, it's recommended that you do upgrade to SA 8, as besides adding new features it includes various fixes. New updates/fixes will be released for the 8.X version.

    Each major version requires a separate key. If you're using Error/Feature Reporting with webservice hosted on Redgate's server (default behaviour) the reports are bound to the license key, meaning that in case of using multiple SA versions at any point, with Reporting enabled, you may need to download reports separately for each SA version.


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    Victoria Wiseman | Redgate Software
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