Any thoughts on how SQL Prompt ADS will be licensed in the future? Totally free? Bundled with SQL Prompt SSMS? Standalone paid-for license? I always thought SQL Prompt was a bit expensive and could attract more people with a lower price point. If my employer didn't buy my license I would not pay for an annual license out of pocket.

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  • Tim_DTim_D Posts: 14 Bronze 3
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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the question. I can definitely say it's something we're looking at. Lots of options for what we could do with Prompt, and Prompt in ADS more specifically. I'm particularly interested in our model for ADS as paid extensions doesn't really look to fit the model there.

    I don't have much to share beyond 'I'm thinking about it' currently. Would be happy to have a conversation and hear some more of your thoughts on the topic though. Let me know, could get something set up.

    Product Manager
    Redgate Software


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