Licensing Issue

Hello everyone,

I'm facing some issues by automating SQL Data Compare using Azure Pipelines,

Essentially I'm creating a powershell task on my azure release pipeline which will execute sqldatacompare and make all the necessary comparisons and synchronization between source and target DBs.

The problem arises due to a licensing problem, so the general situation is the next one:

I activated SQL Data compare by using command line "sqldatacompare /ActivateSerial:XXXXXX" then I was able to execute sqldatacompare without licensing problems. But when I deploy my Azure DevOps pipeline it is complaining saying that the product is not licensed.

A quick workaround was opening a new CMD as a different windows user and trying to execute "sqldatacompare" then I got the same error message that I'm receving at Azure.

Is there fix for this to have sqldatacompare licensed for all the windows users withing a OSE?

Error msg down below;

SQL Data Compare: expired, edition standard
Exiting since no valid license was found


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