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Build Failed - The network path was not found

I am trying to track down an issue in one of my builds that has previously been working for a number of years, I am using SmartAssembly

When I manually build my SmartAssembly project I get a "Build Failed - The network path was not found" message (see attached). 

I seem to have tracked it down to the "Automated Error Reporting" section, if I select "I do not want errors reported in my application" the build succeeds.  When using my real settings (attached) the build fails - as far as I am aware these settings have not changed since the last successful build.

I have checked the "View Error Reports" section and no errors are reported.

I am a bit confused as to which path the error is referring, there do not seem to be any paths specified in the "Automated Error Reporting" section.

How do I find out what path the build is referring to?  Is there some additional logging I could turn on during the build process that could point me in the right direction?

I though that perhaps some permissions has changed on our network but I don't see why it would then succeed when I choose not to report errors.



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