request - improve sharing of formatting files between ADS SQL Prompt and the "normal" SQL Prompt

I tried to use the same formatting in ADS and in SSMS. But the file locations, file extensions and content are different.
  • SSMS config file has the extension .json and the first entry is "metadata"
  • The parts after metadata seem to be similar.

I can open both files in text editors and copy content from one file to another file.

But this is also dangerous. I just copied the config file from ADS folder into the folder for SSMS (C:\Users\ggoer\AppData\Local\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 10\Styles) and added the extension ".json" but after this I got a lot of errors with SQL Prompt, and it stopped to work for formatting. Only when I deleted this file which I manually copied SQL Prompt in SSMS started to work normally again.

I think it would be a good idea if both products could
  • use the same format (ADS version should get the metadata section)
  • use the same extension
  • share the same place
The goal is to use the same formatting rules in all products without the need to synchronize them manually.


  • Hi @aisberg

    Please could you confirm which version of SQL Prompt you are using for SSMS and ADS. If you are running the latest versions for both (SSMS: 10.6.6, ADS: 0.2.6), you should be able to use the json files from the SSMS SQL Prompt directory in ADS.


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  • aisbergaisberg Posts: 13 Bronze 1
    @ostandage I am using the latest versions 10.6.6. 0.2.6

    but as I explained the files are different. SSMS configuration file contains one more entry on top which is missing in the ADS version:

      "metadata": {
        "id": "de9438b0-12d2-4ff9-9cce-c0e23dd1001f",
        "name": "aisberg"

    And it looks like this block is required by the SSMS version and the VS version. That's why I created this feature request.

    As I described: If I (or you) copy the config file from ADS app, not containing this part, in the SSMS config folder and add the extension `.json` to this file then this causes errors in SSMS SQL Prompt and VS SQL Prompt. I think the SSMS and VS versions are parsing these files and looking for this specific content.

    I tried several things, deinstalled and reinstalled SQL Prompt, before I found that the existence of this "invalid for SSMS SQL Prompt" configuration file causes the error. You should be able to reproduce the issue.

    Maybe it could be also a good idea to create a bug for SSMS SQL Prompt based on my description.


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