ANTS Profiler not able to attach to the process, because another profiler is already attached

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Hi, I am trying out ANTS memory and performance profiler trial version 10.6. I'm getting the error "ANTS Memory Profiler couldn't attach to the process you selected, because another profiler is already attached to this process".

I looked into environment variables the variables  COR_ENABLE_PROFILING, COR_PROFILER and COR_PROFILER_PATH  are not set by ANTS Profiler at the time of installation. We are using DataDog as APM tool and it does not make use of any of these variables so there is no conflict. And before starting any profiling session I stopped the DataDog service as well. 

Also I checked the process env variables using Process Explorer there are no env variables associated to worker process. Can you please suggest me what GUID value should I update for COR_PROFILER and the dll path for COR_PROFILER_PATH. And how can I check if anything else is blocking the profiler to attach to my service?

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    Hi and thanks for your post!

    What kind of application are you trying to attach to?

    Are you able to attach to other applications?

    Are there any related errors in Event Viewer>Windows log>Application after you try to attach?

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