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Method to moving existing SQL Server RedGateMonitor Repository DB to Azure SQL DB (PAAS)

Hi Support,

I am trying to move the existing RedGateMonitor DB Repository currently installed on an Azure VM SQL Server Machine (which is also the web server and base monitor combined) to an Azure SQL Database (PAAS) which already has a blank database RedGateMonitor setup ready to take a copy of the existing database and take over.

I am new to Azure SQL and need some help.
The Restore from backup command is not supported in Azure SQL.

Can a full copy only backup be put into blob storage and restored from there or should it be deployed/migrated from the current live database on the Azure SQL Server VM?

I have been through the documentation and forums

For Azure SQL are there any special connection strings that are not within the above link documentation for connecting to an Azure SQL Database ?

I do not want to lose the data that is already in the existing database. I do not want to use the drastic option of reinstalling the base server and starting over with the data.

Thanks Phil


  • I successfully moved the RedGateMonitor Database from Azure SQL Server VM to Azure SQL DB.
    It is a slow process. You have to generate a backpac file within SSMS and upload to blob storage (Its best to suspend the Base Monitor Service while this takes place as it speeds up the process), and then import the Bacpac file as a new DB (Azure SQL Database does not allow you to overwrite an existing database with the same DB name as that in the Backpac file the new database has to be made from it)
    The import process is best left overnight as it is slow. The only other alternative that could have been used is Deploy to Azure SQL Server which I have not tested.

    I then re-pointed the server to the web address of the Azure SQL DB in the config file.

    Data Source=MACHINENAME\SQLInstancename Change to Data Source = Web address of Azure SQL DB

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    Hi @PDredge_Agilisys,

    Thanks for the update! I'm not an expert in Azure migrations, so I appreciate you sharing your experience. :)

    Jessica Ramos | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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