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DataMaskerCmdLine.exe - How to consume in Azure DevOps Release Pipeline with a Microsoft-Hosted Ag

Brian_MaskerBrian_Masker Posts: 3 New member
edited April 8, 2021 3:30PM in Data Masker for SQL Server

How can we consume the tool:

'DataMaskerCmdLine.exe' (Data Masker) in our continues integration release pipeline hosted in Azure DevOps using a Microsoft-Hosted Agent (Linux or Windows)?

Is is possible to use on a hosted agent?

Any guidance is appreciated.



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    Hi @Brian_Masker (loving the name!)

    Thank you posting this - there is, at this time, no Container or Chocolatey install for Data Masker for SQL Server however your question definitely got me thinking if it was possible to use the hosted agent VM and Data Masker for this task.

    So I tried to achieve what you posted today and it resulted in this blog post: https://plantbasedsql.com/2021/04/09/but-i-dont-wanna-install-it-data-masker-on-the-fly-in-azure-devops-with-an-azure-sql-db/

    Hopefully the step by step is enough to help - but if you have any questions, issues or would like to discuss possible workflows please just let me know.

    Thank you very much,
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    Hey @Brian_Masker just checking in - did the above help with your query at all?

    Have a great week! Thanks very much.
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    Brian_MaskerBrian_Masker Posts: 3 New member

    Hi there,

    Thanks for posting the blog it's awesome.

    We have not taken it for a test drive yet, but we will let you know how it goes when we get the POC out of the gate.

    Thanks again for such great support!

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    Brian_MaskerBrian_Masker Posts: 3 New member


    We had some time to setup up our POC based on the blog your wrote.  Thank you!

    We are at the point where we would like to add more intelligence to the YAML release starting with variable substitution.  

    In our .DMSMaskingSet we need to substitute the following during our YAML stage deploy environment pipeline release  :
    • ServerName (Azure SQL)
    • EnPassword (Secret injected from Azure Key Vault)
    • DatabaseName (Ideally a list of Azure SQL databases, but start with one database)

    What do you suggest is the best way to handle the above variable substitution for values in the DMSMaskingSet?

    Do you have a real world example like the blog you wrote for this?  

    Thanks again!

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