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Problem changing Authentication Type to Active Directory

I installed SQL Monitor and left it with Basic Authentication.

I am now going back to change it to Active Directory, but every time I fill in the details and click Save Settings, I get the message "Logging out other users..." and that's all it does.  I get the spinning circle and no configuration changes.  I am the only one logged in at the time, so it only has to log me out.

I even tried the Test Connection, which was successful.

Any clues as to why it won't make the changes?



  • Ben_PBen_P Posts: 121 Bronze 5
    Hi Stuart,

    Were you able to find a fix for the AD issue?

    With it appearing off the screen that is an issue with any chromium browser pre 87.0.664.55, so the fix for that would be to use a newer version unfortunately. 
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