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PowerShell Addin - no longer at CodePlex Archive and not located at GIT.com

Trying to find the Powershell Language addin for Reflector - this is no longer at CodePlex Archive and not located at GIT.com. Anyone know where I can find it ? 

Thank you 

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    DavidHarrisDavidHarris Posts: 11 Bronze 1
    Hi ,

    Thanks for the question.  For the moment, the CodePlex archive is still available to download the Powershell Language Add-in for Reflector. 

    The link towards the bottom of the page doesn't seem to work, however I found that by using the Download Archive button, the Powershell Language Add-in was included in the archive (under ..\sourceCode\sourceCode.zip\Source\PowerShellLanguage)

    Hope this helps.

    David Harris | Product Support Engineer
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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