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What is the frequency of alert checks per server?

How often is SQL Monitor checking my servers for alerts?

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  • DavidHarrisDavidHarris Posts: 11 Bronze 1
    edited September 27, 2023 12:24PM Answer ✓
    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the question.  You can see the polling interval for each SQL Monitor sampler by using the SQL Monitor Configuration Editor.

    Browse to the SQL Monitor Tools folder under your install path (eg, %programfiles\Red Gate\SQL Monitor\BaseMonitor\Tools).

    Run the following program (Run As Administrator): ConfigurationFileEditor.exe
    This will prompt you to open a config file.  The config file to open is by default under %programdata%\Red Gate\SQL Monitor\RedGate.SqlMonitor.Engine.Alerting.Base.Service.exe.settings.config and it is a good idea to make a backup of it (though the application should do this as well).

    This will then enable you to see the default polling interval for each sampler by checking the box next to it:

    Modification of these is at your own risk and if you experience any issues, performance or otherwise, please revert to the backup config file and contact support to ask about the changes you would like to make and the reasons behind the change.

    Hope this helps.
    David Harris | Product Support Engineer
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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