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Is there a way that we can pull data from the production on scenario based (we can say subset) from a single database/multiple with Referential Integrity?

I wanted to create an Image with subset of Prod data. I know that there is an option to invoke our masking set  in the Image creation process. Do we have any option to get only subset at that point ? OR If I create a masking set with selected records (will have WHERE clause in my rules) and added that in the image creation process, can we escape from creating complete PROD dump Image?


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  • PlantBasedSQLPlantBasedSQL Posts: 187 Gold 4
    Hey @Arun72 as Dan said, neither Data Masker nor SQL Clone are intended for the subsetting of Data.

    That being said you can use a mixture of command rules (and FK disable rules where necessary) to potentially remove some data that you don't want to carry through to images, and then use image compaction to shrink the image somewhat before use.

    I described a similar process in this YouTube video: 

    Let me know if this helps!


  • Hi @Arun72

    Unfortunately, SQL Data Masker is unable to achieve pulling a subset of data and so this would have to be achieved manually.

    Apologies, we can't be of more assistance!

    Kind regards

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  • Arun72Arun72 Posts: 21 Bronze 1
    Hi @PlantBasedSQL, @DanC

    Thank you so much for the responses.

    The process to delete the data in the image creation process is really good. But just wanted to confirm that deletion won't impact the source data(Prod data in my case) right? I know when the masking script is not impacting the source ,ideally the delete script shouldn't be an issue. 
    Just for the sake of confirmation:)

    Thank you,
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