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Use SSMS and VS plugins/extensions on same project?

A while back, I attempted to have some folks use the VS SCA plugin and some folks use the SSMS one on the same SCA project.  If I recall, there wer some odd mods to the sqlproj file that were a little different between the two plugins even if there was no real mods to the project. This caused some git gymnastics.  I'm going to test again tomorrow to see if this has been cleaned up and no longer an issue.  Meanwhile, I'm wondering if RG has any recommendations for or against this scenario.  I would love to have some of our non-VS folks be able to comfortably contribute to a project where many of us are using the VS plugin.



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    Kendra_LittleKendra_Little Posts: 139 Gold 3
    Hi Peter,

    We do support the same project being worked on in both plugins.

    The SSMS plugin has no concept of a solution and creates a fairly minimal project -- just what SCA needs to get things done. If you create a project in SSMS and commit it, then open it in Visual Studio, Visual Studio will add some extra files to source that it will want to commit. These shouldn't create a problem when working with the project in SSMS, however. I believe this is the main difference. 



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    Excellent.  Thank you, Kendra.  I also did some testing this morning - back and forth between plug-ins on the same project.  Looks like it's working more smoothly than my previous tests last year.  Could have been user funk or even a senior moment of course. Mostly just wanted to confirm that it wasn't considered a no-no.  Could be helpful to see a note in the docs on this.

    On a side note, these tools are evolving nicely as I knew they would.  So fun to be a part of this process. 


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