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SQL Prompt crashes SSMS, RedGate support have gone silent.


Posting here as I use this tool everyday as part of my workflow but this week it just stopped working and I can't find the root cause.

If I open SSMS and type SSF and press tab, or click on the SQL Prompt menu button in the menu bar SSMS just hangs and never recovers no matter how long I wait. 

  • I've uninstalled SQL Prompt, re-installed SQL Prompt.
  • I've removed SSMS, SQL Prompt, rebooted, re-installed SSMS and SQL Prompt
  • Today I updated to 10.6.5 from 10.6.4
  • SSMS works fine if SQL Prompt is not installed
Has anyone got any good ideas?

I got an initial response in 4 hours on Thursday from RedGate support, but nothing since. I can provide crash dumps if needed though they are fairly large. 
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