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Build failing with referenced object during cleaning of database

This is my first attempt to move our existing DB into using SQL Change automation with Azure DevOps.

I set up my pipeline and set up a build SQL Change automation task for my project. When I run it though when it goes to clean my integration database I always error out with this error.

##[warning]The error 'Cannot ALTER 'Info.frnNormalizeText' because it is being referenced by object 'AssignedIDNumbers'.' occurred when executing the following SQL:

when ends with
##[error]Failed to clean the database 'OurSystem_Integration' on server '.\'.

the table has a computed column that uses that normalize function to store a computed version of a text string in another column.

How do I handle something like this in change automation? I was thinking pre-deploy scripts but I haven't had any luck with that either.


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