Missing & extra tables after the database is refreshed

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I read the link https://documentation.red-gate.com/dms6/data-masker-help/version-6-tech-tips/refreshing-tables-and-indexes-stored-in-the-masking-set for missing&extra tables after the database is refreshed.   I followed the instruction to refresh and updated the new controller.   I thought after that, those extra tables will be removed/skipped but it does not seem to be doing it.   What is the Refresh tables and Index for?    How can i make the extra tables skipped instead of manually disable or remove?

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    Hi @bcnk thank you for your post.

    When you say "I thought after that, those extra tables will be removed/skipped" can I clarify exactly what you mean please?

    When you refresh a controller it will import any new tables and changed table structures into the masking set so it is an accurate portrayal of the schema of your database. When you hit "Refresh All Tables" this is when any changed schema will be imported. You then have the option before saving the changes to select any new tables on the left hand of the window and select "Exclude Checked" which will then exclude them from being included in the rest of the masking set.

    Refreshing Tables and Indexes is ultimately so that Data Masker knows those new tables/columns etc. exist and so you can build rules around them, as you cannot build a rule for a column data masker doesn't know about.

    Let me know if this makes sense or if you require any further information on this! Thank you very much!


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