Schema refresh list loop

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edited February 19, 2021 2:36PM in Schema Compare for Oracle
Context :
  • Oracle 19c standard
  • Schema Compare for Oracle - (trial)
  • New project on Wizard with TNS Connection on source and cible.
  • Working home through VPN
I've filled and tested the source and cible credentials.
When I try to get schema list, I don't get any answer, the "Refresh list" starts a loop cursor, but never shows results...

I've tried with on local (Virtual Machine) Oracle instance. Wizard react the same.
I've tried to discard some consumating options (slow deps, dependent objects...).
Nothing is efficient.

I've found out that with the SYS as SYSDBA user, loop disappears...
The problem so stands while using an application USERNAME.
So, I think it's a GRANT problem.
The users have been created with CONNECT and RESOURCE grants...
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Any help should be appreciate.
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