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Snippets got Renamed in 10.6

AlexisonfireAlexisonfire Posts: 3 Bronze 1
edited February 17, 2021 11:32AM in SQL Prompt code snippets
After Upgrading to SQL Prompt 10.6.2 i noticed all snippet files got renamed.
As they are shared to all other users, via our Git Repo, will they still work on older versions?
is there a possibilty to switch back to the old behaviour?

it looks like this for all snippets... 
new file:   SQLPrompt_Snippets/wn-31934a8d-0b66-4925-98c5-ed11a9afac8d.json
deleted:    SQLPrompt_Snippets/wn.sqlpromptsnippet


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    oh.. found it in changelog.
    question answered. sry. 
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    NickONickO Posts: 1 New member
    I'm actually curious about this as well - I work with a team that has shared snippets via git repo and after upgrading to 10.6, I am no longer seeing any snippets in SQL Prompt.  When I check the Snippet Manager it does still seem to be pointed to the same location, but now appears to be looking for .json files (the new format) and isn't seeing the old snippets (.sqlpromptsnippet files).

    Given that the old snippets are XML and the new snippets are JSON, is there a way to import the old snippets into SQL Prompt, or do they need to be manually converted to the new format?

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