Why does sqldatacompare /Exclude:Additional /Synchronize deletes data from target database

sqldatacompare /Server1:sqlserv1 /db1:tmp /Server2:sqlserv1 /db2:tmpa /Include:table:Bottle /Exclude:Additional /Exclude:Identical /aow:Medium /ignoreParserErrors /Options:k,c,t,drd /warn /verbose  /Synchronize >>C:\TEMP1\outputSDC.txt 

It deletes the data in tmpa database that is not in tmp.  I thought that /Exclude:Additional would stop it from deleting data from the target database



  • Hi @cs77

    Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this.

    If possible, it would be useful to have a copy of the scripts folder of your source and target so that I can attempt to reproduce the issue you are seeing.  Of course, it isn't advisable to attach these to this public forum post and so I will email you from the ticket we have open for this issue, you should then be able to send your attachments in your reply.

    Kind regards

    Dan Jary | Redgate Software
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