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How to move up the Rule block

The original Rule block was as below

but by accident,  Rule 008 was moved.  I tried to grab it and move back under 007 but somehow it did not move.  How can I move back where it was?    And … 

How can I move the Rule 007 to above 0005?   Where do I need to point to grab the Rule up? 


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    PlantBasedSQLPlantBasedSQL Posts: 187 Gold 4
    Thanks @bcnk completely understand!

    I think I would most likely just move 01-0007 into Rule Block 00 and make 05 dependent on it, or move 05 into rule block 01 to make sure they don't run at the same time. Rule blocks is the best way of managing run order, rather than the rules themselves.

    Again, I think there's something to be said for thinking about the orders in which they're run - when I forget to add a rule I don't normally mind adding them to the same rule block, as long as dependencies and workers are in order.


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    Hi @bcnk thank you for your post!

    In terms of rescuing rule 0008 from under 0007, you can simply right click on the rule and select "Remove Dependency" which should pop it back into regular line again, and make it simple to move round.

    In terms of reordering rules so that 0007 is above 0005, you have a couple of options:

    1) Leave them where they are - if you have enough worker threads enabled, because these rules are in the same rule block (01) they will run simultaneously anyway

    2) Simply click in to the numbers and re-number - I would always argue that incrementing up is a better idea so I would click in and renumber 0005 to 0008 and 0006 to 0009

    Hopefully this helps solve your issue! Let me know if I can help any further - thank you very much.
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    bcnkbcnk Posts: 18 Bronze 1
    Thank you so much for your quick response :)   
    "Remove Dependency" worked great.  :)
    For the moving the 007 to above 005, I made this simple example for the question..  The real data masker i ma working has more than 10 different rules (with dependencies) plus some synch manager rules.    I just made a new substitution rule and that rule needs to be placed in first.   Is there any other way to work around instead of renumbering the rest of the rules?  
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    My pleasure @bcnk :simple smile:

    Glad to hear the remove worked well!

    On the moving issue there's not really a lot I can offer I'm afraid - you can bulk select rules by holding down shift or control and then use the option in the bottom left to "Bulk Change Ruleblock"

    This would at least allow you to move around rules en mass, instead of going through each individual one?

    Let me know if this helps! Thank you very much.
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    bcnkbcnk Posts: 18 Bronze 1
    edited February 17, 2021 2:18PM
    Thank you so much for your input. :)  Good to know about the Bulk option.  :)
    Even though, I do not believe the Bulk option works for my situation.   I think I found a way to do this..    Like you mentioned about remove dependency,  I moved a rule 0007 to under Trigger manager 0005.  and it became as a dependency so, i removed the dependency from there :)  and it worked  :) 
    Thank you so much :) 
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