Tooltip on Secondary Displays: Can't Click It

Should I be able to select a tooltip in SQL Server Management Studio when using a secondary display? What if the display has a portrait orientation?

When my mouse cursor is above the "_" in "tblfwdata_responses", I see the tooltip in the screenshot. But if I move the cursor towards the tooltip, then the floating yellow rectangle vanishes.

I already tried uninstalling all Red Gate software, rebooting, and reinstalling SQL Prompt.

System Details
- Windows 10 version 1909
- SQL Management Studio 18.8
- SQL Prompt


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    I'm not able to reproduce the tooltip going over to the second screen with 10.6.2 as we used to in the past. Were you on a specific script? Would you be able to share it with us?

    Regarding the floating yellow rectangle vanishing, if you restore the SQL Prompt options to defaults (SQL Prompt ->Options ->Restore all defaults), do you still have that issue? 

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    Tianjiao Li | Redgate Software
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    >going over to the second screen
    I'm not entirely sure what you mean. When SQL Server Management Studio is on my secondary display, I am OK with how the yellow tooltip shows up when I move the mouse cursor over a database object/function.

    I'm only unhappy about the yellow tooltip going away unexpectedly.

    >specific script?
    SELECT MAX(1,2)

    (Wiggle the mouse cursor over the word "MAX")

    >Restore all defaults
    The problem persists after clicking that button and restarting SQL Server Management Studio.

    Current software versions:
    - Windows Version 21H1
    - SQL Server Management Studio v18.12.1
    - Redgate SQL Prompt version

    I will post a screenshot of the problem in the next post.
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