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multiple connections from sql monitor to same instances

strange one this, can't remember seeing it in the previous versions, upgraded last week to and we're now seeing multiple active connections coming from sql monitor to the instances we're monitoring. 
is this expected behavior?

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  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,119 Diamond 4
    Hi @Clarion_Gooner,

    What version did you update from?  In later v10 and fully released in V11 there is the new tempdb sampler which could be adding more connections to the entity on the tempdb database - does it look like that might be it?

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  • Do you have more than one installation of Monitor? I had something similair some time ago. We have a four-node AG and Monitor is installed on all four - but three deactivated. If we lose the node that has the active installation I want to be able to switch another one on. We have a plan to move it to a new server that isn't part of the AG but can see it, but life keeps getting in the way of that.
    One time, when Monitor was upgraded on all four servers, they were all activated, which cased some fun. One Monitor running is barely noticable, but four all doing the same thing certainly made it's presence felt.
  • hi
    cheers for the response, I wish I did :)
    unfortunately not but we do have a hybrid estate of on-premise and azure
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