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Where can I download SmartAssembly 8?


I'm having trouble finding a download link for SmartAssembly 8.

According to my licence page I have a licence for SA 8 but the "Download latest version" link gives me SA 7.5. The old versions page doesn't list it but that seems out of date as it doesn't list any SA 7.x versions either. I've attempted to update my 7.5 installation via the app but it claims there are no new versions.

SA 8 does exist, right? There's certainly documentation for it 

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    mbswsmbsws Posts: 3 New member
    Perfect. Thanks!
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    edgarduraoedgardurao Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    I there. I've the same problem : despite that having a licencing for 6 (currently expired) and valid one to 8 i download the software and have a available.

    Currently i'm trying to evolve my build server from 6.9 to latest, but i'd like to know what is the one - https://download.red-gate.com/SmartAssembly.exe - gives me

    Another question if you could help: in the past i'd bougth licences (Professional for build server, and developers to each of our developers). Meanwhile my comercial reseller from whom we bought the licenses informed us that the the devoloper licences are now free - i have read in docs that the developer version is just the version applied after the trial period expires. Is this correct? 
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