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GianGian Posts: 2 New member
Is it possible to specify the format of the auto-inserted code of the INSERT INTO statement so that the field names are all on the same line?
Like this:
INSERT INTO Table (Field1, Field2, Field3)
VALUES (Value1, Value2, Value)

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    Dan_JDan_J Posts: 454 Silver 2
    Hi @Gian

    Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this.

    The best way to achieve this is to create a new Style (SQL Prompt > Active Style > Edit Style) and, under the INSERT options, set 'Place subsequent columns on new lines' to 'Never', and select the desired brackets layout, as show in the screenshot below. You will need to do this for both the Column list and the Values list.

    Kind regards

    Dan Jary | Redgate Software
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