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Why are there so many workspaces?

We are using SQL Source Control with TFS. I see there are in TFS several docens of workspaces created by the tool. What is the readon for this? Can I delete those?
If I click on show remote workspaces there are even more asociated to me, and named after an old computer that a co-worker uses now. Is it safe to delete those as well?
I would like to understand how SQL Source Control uses workspaces and if I can remove them.

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    DanCDanC Posts: 603 Gold 4
    Hi @pablolerner

    When you link to a TFS project, SQL Source Control creates two workspaces per linked databases, if you unlink any of these databases those associated workspaces will be safely deleted. 

    If you wish to avoid this, you could link to a working folder in SSMS, then use VS for the rest of the operations.

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    Dan Calver | Redgate Software
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