Is it possible for Static Data in SCA, to generate only Insert statement?

I want SCA compare data for static tables, but ignore updated and deleted data. In other words, is it possible to implement some sort of "Append Only" mechanism in SCA?


  • Hi @Maziar_Chitsaz,

    I am curious to know more about your use case. Is there a reason that you would not simply add new rows to the static data table in development?

    I am puzzled as to why you would ever update or delete rows in the dev environment if you always want to append in the deployment itself. 

    You do have the option to manage static data tables with the "offline" method using a post-deployment script if you want a custom implementation. You could use this to make the static data only ever append in the deployment. Does this sound like it's of interest? I have just realized that we don't have an example script for the offline method available in our SCA docs, but this is something I can add.


  • Hi @Kendra_Little,

    The main reason for not propagating Update and Delete to production server is user mistake. We have some important tables for settings that must not be changed after delivering to production servers.

    If I understand your explanation well, there is no setting for this kind of comparison/code generation. Currently we have to use "offline" method using post-deployment script. Is that right?


  • Yes, that's correct -- the "offline" method is the approach designed for scenarios where you want the static data to appear different in the target rather than what is in version control in some way. 

    Thanks for the additional detail on your use case. 

    Another question -- if you had a rules engine that would allow you to alert on this type of mistake -- either at the point where the user is working, or during a build process (or perhaps both), would that be sufficient? 
  • Hi again,

    Your new suggestion will be very useful, although might not be sufficient.

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