Memory Profiler does not attach to executable

Windows 10
WinForm App

How do I fix this?


.NET Runtime version 4.0.30319.0 - Loading profiler failed.  The profiler COM object was instantiated, but the profiler failed during its initialization callback.  Profiler CLSID: '{3D52CB1D-4DBE-4668-8672-5048FABAA4A0}'.  HRESULT: 0x80004004.  Process ID (decimal): 9904.  Message ID: [0x2505].



A privileged service was called.



                Security ID:                            XXX

                Account Name:                     XXX

                Account Domain:                  XXX

                Logon ID:                               XXX



                Server:    Security

                Service Name:       -



                Process ID:             0x337c

                Process Name:      C:\Program Files\Red Gate\ANTS Memory Profiler 10\RedGate.MemoryProfiler.UI.exe


Service Request Information:

                Privileges:                              SeTcbPrivilege





Best Answer

  • Victoria WVictoria W Posts: 245 Gold 1
    Hi @mjhillman

    What the version of the profiler are you running?

    You say you're attempting to profile WinForms desktop application. What framework version does it target?

    What tab did you use to start the profiling? (e.g. .NET Executable, attach to .NET process, etc)

    Does the profiling work for any other application?

    We'll need to take a look at log files so I'm going to raise a support ticket for this.
    Kind regards

    Victoria Wiseman | Redgate Software
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