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About Sync Table to Table Rule

bcnkbcnk Posts: 18 Bronze 1
edited January 6, 2021 7:11PM in Data Masker for SQL Server
Can I make 1 Table-To-Table Rule with1 source table and multiple target tables?   All target tables have same Joint columns as the source table.     (The Source Table column will be masked - Substitution before Sync Table-To-Table)  

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    PlantBasedSQLPlantBasedSQL Posts: 187 Gold 4
    Hi @bcnk thank you for your question!

    Unfortunately there's no multi-fan out available from a Table To Table rule within Data Masker at the moment and this would be handled by creating multiple T2T rules within your masking set.

    That being said, if it is a large amount of tables and you would like them to be more easily handled then you might be able to use a Synchronisation Manager rule (instructions here, don't mind the PKFK references) which would allow you to mask all distinct values across the affected tables and fan them out within a single rule, which may be easier.

    Let me know if you have any follow up questions or if there's anything else I can help out with!



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