SQL formatting not working in 0.2.5

I just updated to 0.2.5 and am receiving an error when reformatting SQL:

Error formatting SQL: Error: Style 'Edmunds1' could not be found Please ensure you highlighted a valid block of T-SQL.

I believe this was also happening under 0.2.3, was fixed with 0.2.4, and has stopped working again in 0.2.5.

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  • Same error for me-it looks like my custom format is not loading in on V0.2.5. I now only see "Default, Collapsed, Comas before, Indented and Right aligned Built In formats. No custom formats. 
  • JeffEdmundsJeffEdmunds Posts: 4 New member
    Just reporting in... I just updated to 0.2.6 a few minutes ago. This bug still exists. Thanks
  • JeffEdmundsJeffEdmunds Posts: 4 New member
    edited May 6, 2021 1:56PM
    I've installed 0.2.7 and am now getting a slightly different error, basically stating that it couldn't find my formatting style document on D drive path which I don't have on my machine.

    I tried creating a new style document, copying from one of the defaults, and it appears to create a JSON formatted file in:

    My original styles document, which I believe is shared between SSMS & Visual Studio, is an XML formatted file, stored in:
    ...\AppData\Local\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 10\StylesV2

    I tried copying the XML file from the main folder to the ADS folder, but it couldn't seem to see or read it.  I've gone ahead and started modifying the JSON settings file, just so I can start using prompt again in ADS.  However, if there's a way that I'm forgetting or missing to get Prompt in ADS to use the same shared file as SSMS & VS, please let me know. Thanks!
  • warrenjwarrenj Posts: 2 Bronze 1
    I had the same issue with 0.2.6 so I went back to 0.2.5. Unfortunately it has forced me to update today. I've just tried 0.2.7 and got the same issue as JeffEdmunds above. It appeared to be looking for it on a D drive which I also don't have.
  • JeffEdmundsJeffEdmunds Posts: 4 New member
    @warrenj This worked for me as well. Thanks!!

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