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Connect SQL on different port

pierre.bonhommepierre.bonhomme Posts: 2
edited April 6, 2009 12:41PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I want to compare databases between a SQL2008 server and a SQL2000 server.

The problem is that my SQL2008 is away from my work (no dns is possible)
and the tcp port is 1434.

In the login view, I try with the IPserver\instance,port

but it doesn't work.

Could you help me please


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    Thanks for your post.

    The connection string you have set should be valid, but you could try making sure the connection will use tcp by prefixing the string with tcp:

    However, I think the problem could be to do with the IP address of the server. You state the IP starts 192.168 - but this is an internal IP address, and would only be valid if you are connected to the same network. Are you connected using a VPN? If not, you will need to use the external IP address of the remote server.

    Are you able to connect to the server using SSMS? If so, what connection string do you use for that?
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