SQL Snapper - Minimum files required to work on client machine

During yesterday's webinar SQLSnapper was mentioned. I've used SQL Compare for nigh on 10 years and had never heard of it but it sounds like the ideal tool for us to do a confidence check on a schema once an upgrade has been performed to ensure it matches the expected schema.

I have found an article from 2014 that refers to the files that need to be copied to the client machine from the SQL Compare folder on my own PC. The article mentions System.Threading.dll but that dll isn't in the SQL Compare 14 folder.

I tried copying Redgate.SQLSnapper.exe, RedGate.SOCCompareInterface.dll & System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.dll to see if that would work but that just results in a system.io exception that referred to .netstandard 2.0
The cleint's machine is running Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter edition.

Can someone please advise what the pre-requisites are for the machine that I want SQLSnapper to run on and the exact files that should be copied for the version supplied with SQL Compare 14


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