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Hello all.  I have some server migrations coming up, and wanted to know if there are any procedures for getting Source Control up on the new servers and retaining all the history from the old servers.

I'm assuming that pre-migration, I will go through all the databases on the old server and unlink them from source control, then post-migration link the databases on the new server to the same source control folders.  Will that be enough to pick up all the history from the old servers?  Anything else I need to be wary of?  This will be my first migration since we've started using Source Control.


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    Which VCS do you use with SQL Source Control? All history is stored in your version control system so so long as you're linking the new databases to the same repository location, it will be seamless.

    In theory the order of the unlinking and linking the new DBs is irrelevant. You can have more than one database linked to the same VCS repository. This is what teams do where each developer has their own dedicated development database instance.
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