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Database selection randomly changes to "master only" when server is changed

nickfotopoulosnickfotopoulos Posts: 13 Bronze 1
edited November 18, 2020 9:29PM in SQL Search
I can't figure out a rhyme or reason but sometimes when I'm searching multiple databases and switching back and forth, the database filter switched to only have 'master' selected. I often don't notice until I search for something that I know exist then realize it's been changed. I can't think of a single instance since I've been using SQL Search where I wanted to search master, must less master exclusively. Anyone else experience this and know why it happens?

EDIT: I noticed today that if I search for something and it find matched ONLY in a single database the database drop down automatically switches to have only that database selected. I change it back to Match All. Then it anytime I change servers, when I come back to that server it automatically flips back to that same database.

Example, select ServerOne and Match All in database and search for usp_ProcA. Results are displayed and usp_ProcA is only found in DatabaseTwo. The database drop down now shows DatabaseTwo selected. I now switch to ServerTwo, and change the search to look for usp_ProcB and it displays results. Database has Match All selected. Now I switch back to ServerOne, and database changes back to only having DatabaseTwo selected and it find no matching. I switch database back to Match All and it finds results matching usp_ProcB. At this point if I leave search and dropdowns unchange and just switch back to ServerTwo I see the expected results, and when I switch back to ServerOne the database selection dropdown automatically switches back to DatabaseTwo Only.

This causes me to waste almost as much time as search saves me sometimes.  Please help!


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