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Uppercase keyword formatting on space

Is there a setting somewhere that would auto capitalise keywords when not selecting them directly from the inline suggestions list? If I start typing s-e-l-e-c and hit TAB to take the suggestion at the top of the list I get a nice uppercase SELECT keyword. But if I fully type the keyword without selecting it from the suggestions list it remains lowercase.

I don't know if this is a specific setting somewhere on the redgate side or a setting on the ADS side maybe?

SSMS does this but I can't seem to find a setting anywhere that would enable this is ADS


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    Hi @MartyB

    Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this.

    This will depend on the settings applied within the Active Style you have set in SQL Prompt. The Default Style should automatically capitalise keywords, however if you have a custom Style set you may need to check the 'Casing' settings (SQL Prompt menu > Active Style > Edit Styles), as shown below:

    I hope this helps!
    Kind regards

    Dan Jary | Redgate Software
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    MikeM1355MikeM1355 Posts: 1 New member
    edited December 11, 2020 11:40PM

    Hi There,

    I'm having this same issue. Where exactly is the SQL Prompt Menu in Azure Data Studio you are referring to, I'm not seeing that. In the ADS settings I did set the default formatter to SQL Prompt, additionally I set the MSSQL Keyword Case setting in ADS to Uppercase. Could there be some setting in ADS that is interfering with the Auto Capitalization of the Default SQL Prompt formatter? Have you all tested the Default formatter in ADS for the autocapitalization?
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    MartyBMartyB Posts: 5 Bronze 1
    Nothing I've found in the settings / formatting seem to enable this option. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue @MikeM1355 :) . The answer given by Dan above seems to have missed the point of my question. Having no issues with the upper casing, just how and when it is applied. It should be auto applied to the previous word types once the space bar has been pressed but I can't find any option to enable this
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    We do not currently support auto casing as you type in Azure Data Studio. SQL Prompt in ADS is currently in preview and as such does not contain all of the features of SQL Prompt in SSMS. We don't currently have a timeline of when features will be added, however we will publish more information on the forum in the future.


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    MartyBMartyB Posts: 5 Bronze 1
    Hi, any news on this feature becoming available please?
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    MartyBMartyB Posts: 5 Bronze 1
    Any news on this ?
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    GraemeBrownGraemeBrown Posts: 1 New member
    Likewise, I am wondering if there is a plan and/or timeline to roll out these features for ADS?

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