tSQLt Azure DevOps extension has no junit output when the tests fail?

andyrooger_mtandyrooger_mt Posts: 1 New member
edited November 15, 2020 4:44PM in SQL Change Automation

I'm using the Redgate ReadyRoll extension in Azure DevOps to run tSQLt tests (the ReadyRoll Run tSQLt Tests build task). This works great and passes or fails the build correctly depending on whether tests pass or fail, however if a test fails, the junit test results are not output to "Test results output path".

Looking at the build output, a successful build runs

"sqlcmd.exe" -b -S "MYSERVER" -d "MYDATABASE" -i OutputResults.sql -o "...\sql_test_results.xml"

But for a build where any tests fail, this line is never called and the task exits early.

Is this a bug or am I misusing the task or expecting the wrong thing? When I try to publish the results in the next step, it complains there is no junit output and reports no tests were run.


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