Recommended way to link to sql source control for an existing git project

Hi, Our team(2 members currently) have been experimenting with the trial version of sql source control. I've a question around what should be the linking method for our project? We use sql server(with over 2k stored procs) and a shared model, where multiple devs are making changes to the same db. First we tried creating an empty folder and linking the db that way. I see that sql source control creates a bunch of folders tables, Stored procedures etc. Any changes made from within Sql source control is not reflected in the text files managed by git. 
for example: 
our project structure in git is
src > client
     > Stored Procedures (no changes are being recorded here)
        > Redgate (the empty folder that we linked to)- there are a bunch of sub folders that were created by RG under this            folder.
I thought may be we need to use the "working folder" linking. But doing this resulted in a bunch of syntax error reports (which we fixed and committed). Now every time we switch to a different branch , the same errors pop up again and we've to go through the same process of fixing those errors all over again.
Please advise what we are doing wrong. 


  • Hi @kunal_hk

    So SQL Source Control uses its own folder structure for the database objects and so ideally you'd need to move your files into that format. Alternatively, you could choose the top-level "client" folder so that your stored procedure folder is at the correct level.

    With regards to your syntax errors, it would be great to get an example, in that case, I can reach out to you via a support ticket and we can investigate this further.

    Let me know if you're happy for me to reach out!

    Kind regards

    Dan Calver | Redgate Software
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