Doesn't work when comparing TB live DB with its backup file

zynrgzynrg Posts: 16
I don't know if the database is too big. When I compared them, SQL Data compare 7.1 just kept proceeding without a response until I cancelled it one day later.



  • That sounds like it was just taking a long time to read the database, yes.

    It's likely to be limited by the speed of the connection to the database server (if over a network) and/or the writing speed to where you're writing temporary files to (which you can change if necessary by adding a 'RGTEMP' environment variable with the new path), which you might be able to improve to get the speed up a little, but a database that size will take quite some time to read in any case.
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  • I see. That means each time when SQL Data Compare 7 gets involved in backup comparison, it actually extracts all the content of backups and then compares them. If so, it's absolutely convenient for small databases, but for big databases, I'd rather restore them first and then compare them because it takes the same time and is more flexible.

    Are there any means that we can just grab part of backups and get it fast?
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