Target multiple SQL instances on the same SQL Server

jakobehnjakobehn Posts: 11 New member
Hi, we have an environment where we have a SQL Clone agent running on the SQL Server, managing the clones on that server instance. 

Now we have added a new named instance on the same SQL Server, this instance should also use SQL Clone. 

How should I do this? It seems like one SQL Clone agent can only target one SQL Server instance, and I can't (?) install multiple SQL Clone agents on the same server.


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    David EDavid E Posts: 75 Silver 1
    Hi Jakob,

    SQL Clone Agents support multiple SQL Server instances running on the same machine. In order for SQL Clone to pick up the new instances, you will need to restart the SQL Clone agent. Detection of SQL Server instances only happens during Agent startup at present.
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    jakobehnjakobehn Posts: 11 New member
    Ah silly me :-)  Thanks David!

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