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Can the SQL Monitor Base Monitoring Server be installed in Azure?

If this is supported what  additional considerations need to be taken into account when moving from an on-premises install of both Base Monitor and database to an Azure install of both. Should the Web Server also be on Azure?


  • Hi Graham, in theory, it doesn't matter where any of the individual components are installed, as long as they are on Windows Servers, and if they can talk to each other. Take a look at the documentation here: which will give background information, as well as ports required. 

    You need to take into consideration the network connectivity between the machines - in practice there is no reason why a web server on Azure wouldn't work but I've never seen it done with Monitor so I can't really say how it would perform. Your next, important, consideration is the monitoring service accounts - if they're running in Azure they also need to be able to properly authenticate to the machines you're monitoring.
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  • Graham_BGraham_B Posts: 7 New member
    Hi Russell D, thanks for responding. The point you raised regarding the monitoring service accounts is my main concern, particularly as we will be looking to monitor an on-premises SQL server. There are clear security concerns with opening up internal networks for access from Azure so I'm looking for anyone who has some experience in doing this with SQL Monitor. At this stage we will keep the Base Monitor internal.
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