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Any fixes to the SQLPrompt giving incorrect suggestions in SSMS 18.6 ?

KGJKGJ Posts: 3 Bronze 1
Updated SQLPrompt to the latest release when my SQL suggestions suddenly started going wonky. Even after updating to the latest version SQLPrompt does not give suggestions to the current database. I'm bouncing between 3 different databases but the suggestions only show object from one database. It's always the same objects regardless of which database I switch to, even if I switch to a database that I'm not currently referencing/using. I have turned on the "Automatically refresh suggestions" as well as Refreshed and Disabled/Enabled SQLPrompt numerous times. Shutdown and restarted SSMS numerous times. Only thing left to try is to uninstall SQLPrompt and continue on with Intellisense. Anyone else having this issue? Why did it suddenly start happening today? It was fine yesterday and I did not change anything overnight. In fact I left SSMS running overnight on my machine...came in this morning and the suggestions are wrong.

Best Answer

  • KGJKGJ Posts: 3 Bronze 1
    Found the issue. I have a USE statement at the top of my SQL script. I'm not running that code as I have several scripts in one file and highlighting the code I want to run. The code I'm running also has a USE statement but for a different database. SQLPrompt is only showing me suggestions for the USE statement at the top of the file, not for the code I'm actually running nor the database I have switched to. I did not update my SQLPrompt this morning before this issue started happening. Not sure why it suddenly started acting this way. I can understand this after updating to the latest version but it occurred before I updated. Not happy with this new default way of offering suggestions. I will now remove all USE statements from my scripts and start using 3 part identification when referencing tables in my FROM clauses. I believe this is the easiest workaround for me.


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