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SQL Monitor - Excessive Load While Monitoring

twurmtwurm Posts: 6 Bronze 1
edited October 22, 2020 1:03PM in SQL Monitor
We've got a few Azure SQL Databases as part of a growing SAAS offering.  We wanted to use SQL Monitor to keep an eye on those databases but noticed a 6-10% jump in DTU usage when running the monitors against the databases.  Is this the expected load caused by monitoring the databases?  The screen shot below shows the last 4 hours with the monitor running and removal of the monitors at 7:45AM.

SQL Monitor: 11
Azure SQL Database: Standard S1


  • Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,764 Rose Gold 5
    I assume your Azure Servers as Platform as a Service (Paas)?  If the answer is yes, is this an Azure Managed Instance?  I ask this question as there is a known perform issue with Managed Instances.

    SQL Monitor will query the Azure server to obtain information regarding the server.  Depending the results of the queries executed there will be an increase in load.

    Best place to start looking as to what SQL Monitor is what is occurring is to review the SQL Monitor Log files which can be found To download the log files go to Configuration, and under Diagnostics, click Retrieve log files.  

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