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Alias Formatting Oddity

There appears to be an issue with aliases aligning with statements followed by a tab, and I can't figure out where the setting is that adjusts this. See the below images to understand:

I'm seeing this in the first line after a SELECT statement, that a tab is added, as well. Subsequent lines are formatted correctly. SET items are aligned with the Statement and the first line has a tab inserted, while SELECT items are aligned properly, yet still have a tab added after the first alias name:


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  • RonkochanowskiRonkochanowski Posts: 3 New member
    Accepted Answer
    Hmmm...tried one last thing after posting the above...

    Under Whitespace, changed Spaces or Tabs to "Tabs where possible", instead of "Only tabs" and the alignment adjusted as I desire it to be.

    I must not understand the difference between the two terms.
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