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Alias Formatting Oddity

There appears to be an issue with aliases aligning with statements followed by a tab, and I can't figure out where the setting is that adjusts this. See the below images to understand:

I'm seeing this in the first line after a SELECT statement, that a tab is added, as well. Subsequent lines are formatted correctly. SET items are aligned with the Statement and the first line has a tab inserted, while SELECT items are aligned properly, yet still have a tab added after the first alias name:


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    RonkochanowskiRonkochanowski Posts: 4 New member
    Hmmm...tried one last thing after posting the above...

    Under Whitespace, changed Spaces or Tabs to "Tabs where possible", instead of "Only tabs" and the alignment adjusted as I desire it to be.

    I must not understand the difference between the two terms.
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