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SQL Search Doesn't open in SSMS 18.6

I recently upgraded SSMS to 18.6. After the upgrade, I couldn't open SQL Search anymore. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling to make sure I have the latest version but still no luck. Any clue?


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    I am afraid you are running into an issue we are aware of and working on. As a workaround which should get SQL Search up and running again, could I ask you to see if uninstalling Dependency Tracker works?
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    DorisDoris Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    I don't have SQL Dependency Tracker installed. I only have SQL Prompt 10 & SQL Search 3 installed.
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    ScottSNCScottSNC Posts: 1 New member
    I have also recently followed the same path, upgrading SSMS to 18.6 and found SQL Search ( will not start.  I have followed  the suggestion and uninstalled SQL Dependency Tracker and this has workaround has succeeded for me.
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    DorisDoris Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    I downloaded a trial version of SQL Dependency Tracker and installed it. Then I uninstalled it. After doing so I was able to open SQL Search.
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    Bill_StartBill_Start Posts: 1 New member
    Same Issue.  Uninstalling Dependency Tracker fixed it.
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    catalogdbcatalogdb Posts: 21 New member
    Same Issue and Fix. Uninstalled Dependency tracker. 
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    RikGarnerRikGarner Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    edited October 22, 2020 11:04AM
    It was working for me, until I installed SQL Change Automation (Trial)  - now SQL Search won't start. Can confirm that if I open a second connection via Object Explorer (even to the same database) it kicks SQL Search back into life.
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    RochelleRochelle Posts: 1 New member
    I have also experienced this issue with SQL Search. I just uninstalled Dependency Tracker and reloaded SSMS and it's working again. 
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    pkpjpmpkpjpm Posts: 1 New member
    Downloaded trial version of Dependency Tracker, installed, ran SSMS, then uninstalled - problem fixed
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    _Wojtek__Wojtek_ Posts: 1 New member
    Hi! I agree with the guys above. The easiest way to get SQL Serach up and running again is to install Redgate Dependency Tracker and unistall it. After that SQL Search works fine in SSMS 18.6 and also 18.7 (tested!)
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    Hi everyone, 

    We have fixed an issue with SQL Dependency Tracker which was causing the issues with SQL Search. This has been confirmed to work with the latest version of SQL Search and SSMS 18.6.

    Please update to SQL Dependency tracker 3.3.4 to fix this. 


    Software Engineer
    SQL Prompt / SQL Search
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    ChrisReesChrisRees Posts: 1 New member
    This is still a problem for me. MySQLSearch boxes are all greyed out and despite removing and reinstalling Dependency Tracker, there's no change
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    RedshiftRedshift Posts: 31 Bronze 3
    Uninstalling Dependency Tracker has worked for me with SSMS 18.5 in getting SQL Search to work.
    However as a frequent user of Dependency Tracker this is going to be a right PITA.
    I was using the latest releases of both pieces of software which were installed at the same time on 26/11/2020.

    Please get this sorted Redgate.
    My support contract is up for renewal next year and I've had two instances of software failing in the last couple of months.
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