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Suppress identical error

agargagarg Posts: 11 Bronze 2
While using command line to generate a difference report (in html format), if the two databases are identical, the console output says:

Error: The selected objects are identical or no objects have been selected in the comparison. Use /include:Identical to
suppress this error.

If I include the /include:Identical switch, then the error is not reported on the console, but the output html file has all the objects in it.

I don't want the console error as well as don't want the identical objects in the html file. This is what I want:
1. Don't want to use the /include:Identical switch
2. If the two databases are identical, then the error reported on the console should be suppressed (using some switch)
3. The html file should contain only the summary (in this case, say 29 identical)

Is this possible?


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