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Version 8 Bug

sjhuksjhuk Posts: 6
* Create a new project
* Compare (fine)
* Go synchronize changes
* Next button does not work (it litterally just sits there).

Any fix? Windows 2003 R2


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    Hmm. That behaviour means that the synchronization dialog is throwing an exception. I thought we'd managed to get rid of them all - I'm sorry that you've been inconveinenced by digging this one up. Could I get a few more details, please?

    1) Are you comparing two live databases, or some other combination of data source types?
    2) Which synchronization method do you have selected with the radio buttons at the side (create a synchronization script or synchronize using SQL Compare), and what options do you have checked / what's in the text boxes on the page you can't advance from?
    3) Do you have v7, and can you get to the 'dependencies' page in the v7 synchronization wizard without any problems? If you can, are there any dependencies listed? Are you trying to synchronize just some objects from the databases, or all of them?

    Hopefully something there will shine light on what's causing the exception and we can reproduce it locally and get it fixed for you :).
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    I have just come across this problem too. The only difference I can discern from my ususllay successful comparisons, is that this comparison includes more objects than usual (115).

    In answer to your questions;

    1) I am comparing 2 live databases
    2) It doesn't matter which synchronisation method I choose: the same problem occurs with both
    3) V7 won't work because I am comparing SQL Server 2008 (Standard - fully patched).

    Thanks in advance
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    Ah ha! Just worked it out. The synchronisation included 113 objects being added or updated "from left to right", but also 2 objects to be deleted from the right side. When the two objects to delete are removed, it all works fine.
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